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Government of India mandates 4% reservation in Public Sector Jobs for Persons with Disabilities. Additionally, it advocates all establishments (including Private Establishments) to have an Equal Opportunity Policy (EOP) drafted, published and displayed at their respective organizations. 

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EOP gives a detailed picture about the details of job roles that the DAPs would be hired for, the accessibility features that would be provided for their reasonable accommodation, leave policies and so on. If an establishment has more than 20 employees, RPwD mandates this Equal Opportunity Policy to be registered with the State Commissioner/ Chief Commissioner for welfare of the Differently-Abled.

Whilst the Act was made in 2016 and has commenced from 19th of Apr 2017, there is not much awareness about the Act and the Equal Opportunity policy amongst the private establishments. We Are Your Voice has religiously been sensitizing all their employer partners (Private Establishments) whom we have been work with as part of our Job Fairs, Special Recruitment Drives and all other employment related projects. Awareness workshops are being conducted in Districts on a regular basis to make sure that the inclusivity culture is being adopted from the grassroot level.

DELC will work hand in hand with various Government Departments, NGOs and entities that are working in the space of skilling, training, placement and entrepreneurship projects and programmes for optimized operations and maximum utilization of policies and schemes to benefit the Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).
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