What we do

Jobs for the disabled is at the forefront of what we're working together towards at weareyourvoice. Thousands of capable people in India find gainful employment out of reach just because they are disabled by a physical or mental difficulty. "We Are Your Voice" is an initiative which aims at Connecting Socially Responsible HR Professionals and Employers with Differently-Abled Budding Professionals

Why We Are Your Voice

As per the Indian Census of 2011, out of our population of 121 Crores, about 2.68 Crores are "disabled" – this means 2.21% of Indians are disabled.

This segment of unemployed people suffers not just from their disability, but also from a lack of income. We understood the needs of these people who are qualified to work, but restricted just because the world thinks their disability defines them. We wanted to create employment opportunities for these people so that they can live with dignity.

Our History

3 years ago, when we hatched "We are your Voice", we were clueless about the way our idea would be received by the corporates, employers, Industries and institutions. Today we know that the dreams we nurtured about "We are your Voice" are realizable to the last detail. Our dream was to create an inclusive atmosphere for the differently abled and the physically challenged, and we have made a lot of progress in achieving this dream.

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